Seaside & Watercolor

Two of the most well-known communities on State Highway 30A are Seaside and Watercolor.

Seaside was founded in 1981 by Robert and Daryl Davis and was designed by architect Andres Duany. Seaside quickly became known for its unique, pastel-colored homes and pedestrian-friendly design. The community’s design was inspired by traditional Florida beach towns, and it has become a popular destination for tourists and residents alike.

Seaside Town Square

WaterColor is a newer community located on State Highway 30A in Santa Rosa Beach. The community was founded in 1999 by developer St. Joe Company and was designed by architects David Rockwell and Urban Design Associates. WaterColor is known for its upscale, beachy vibe and has several high-end amenities, including a private beach club, golf course, and spa.

Watercolor Beach Club


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